Road Transports | Lifentra Transport
For reliable, quick and affordable road transports Lifentra is the one to call. Express (<1500 kg) loads, partial loads, oversize loads or complete trailer loads, we have the right means of transport. Covered trailers, fridge trailers, flat bed trailers, container trailers, car carrier trailers, we have it all.

Express transports <1500 kg: loaded within 4 hours
Does your shipment have to be in the south of Europe within a day? Do you have goods you want to get from central Europe to Schiphol within 24 hours? Lifentra will take care of it. We can start loading within 4 hours, so your shipment will be on its way in no time at all.

Road Transport: <24 tons & Special/Oversize transports
Some loads can only be transported under strict conditions. Examples are dangerous goods (ADR), food products (HACCP) and oversize and overweight loads like agricultural machines. Lifentra can take care of these types of loads. We have the partners suited for jobs like this: qualified and certified transport companies.

Cheap road transport with our Groupage Service
Do you want to send a small load by road? Take advantage of our Groupage Service. We collect several small loads bound for destinations in the same general direction into one lorry, which then follows the most efficient route to deliver the cargoes at their destinations. This way you share the transportation costs with other customers. And thanks to our large network we are still able to deliver within a reasonable time frame.